The Art Futurist


Rory Kirk-Duncan



Art Advisor and Curator

Co-founder of Super Super Markt



Berlin, Germany



If you think using a deli to exhibit artworks among daily victuals is surprising, then Julius Jacobi and Rory Kirk-Duncan of Super Super Markt have a lot more up their sleeve to disrupt the stuffy art world and create a new ecosystem—with a Berlin-based membership community aimed at redefining the experience of purchasing art.

Rory, who’s worked for over 10 years in the art world in London and Berlin, first met Julius at the behest of a common friend, artist Oliver Osborne. “I met Julius right after I had left the gallery where I was Director for many years and looking for a new challenge. After a few meetings, it was clear to me that it was a natural fit for us to work together,” he says. The two launched Super Super Markt in 2021 and have made their mark with exhibitions in unconventional locations, having a strong online presence, and having a knack for snapping up the most exciting up-and-coming artists as well as more established names. We chatted with Rory about his journey so far…



Why Super Super Markt?

In the beginning, we wanted a name that didn’t sound like everything else. If you look at the online art market, a lot of the labels sound very similar. Super Super Markt is a new approach to art, so an unusual name seemed like an obvious choice. 

“We’re building the future art ecosystem—a community devoted to young art lovers and collectors, and a platform to exhibit the best contemporary art. Our mission is to bring art into your life, by redefining how you discover, collect, and enjoy art.”

Rory was born in Hong Kong and moved to the UK at a ytoung age. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manchester, U.K. in Art History & Visual Studies in 2011 and completed an MBA at the London School of Economics in 2021. He worked at a series of notable commercial art galleries in London and Berlin such as Marlborough, White Cube, and the contemporary auction house, Phillips. From 2017-2021, he worked as a Director at a commercial art gallery in Berlin, Wentrup.


In 2022, Kirk-Duncan joined Julius Jacobi as Director and Co-Founded Super Super Markt, an online & offline platform for the next generation of artists and art collectors.

What exactly does your platform do and who is your customer?

Our platform gives you better access to contemporary art. We collaborate with emerging and renowned artists through exhibitions and limited edition pieces. We’re building the future art ecosystem—a community devoted to young art lovers and collectors, and a platform to exhibit the best contemporary art. Our mission is to bring art into your life, by redefining how you discover, collect, and enjoy art. Our typical customer or member is between 25 and 45 years old, working in any field really, but is passionate about art and wants to get better access to it. It’s someone who likes looking behind the scenes, whether that be visiting studios, purchasing their first work of art, or meeting like-minded people. 

Can you only buy art if you are a member?

No. You can also buy art if you are not a member, however the benefits of the €50 per year membership are a no-brainer. As a member, you receive a limited edition artwork by a well-respected contemporary artist–our Supergabe–every year. We give you access first to a curated selection of artworks and unique events, such as studio visits, tours of private collections, galleries, and more. 

Is the shift from physical to online platforms accepted by artists and customers or are old-school galleries still the thing? 

We’ve definitely seen a shift (post COVID) to a more digital landscape that is starting to be accepted by artists and collectors alike—not that collectors weren’t already purchasing works off PDFs before the pandemic. But the generation we are catering to (the next generation) are comfortable making decisions from a screen and if possible, in person too.

In which direction is the art market moving?

I would say the direction is towards collaboration. In recent years, I’ve observed how galleries are sharing the representation of artists on the same continent, same country often, with shared art booths at fairs. Generally, the art world is more open for different discussions where it was limited and more private before. There’s still a long way to go though. Trends in any industry often tend to be cyclical, right? In recent years, we’ve seen a big trend in the popularity of figurative painting across our industry. I expect this to continue, but also further interest and experimentation with new technologies, in the realms of AI. So, DALL-E and other forms of picture generations through text. 



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Photography: Moritz Kind / Lucy Pullicino 

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