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Ramen 1974

The restaurant is a showcase for the rich complex culinary tradition of this Far East Asian food mecca.

Take a trip to Japan’s varied regional food culture when you visit Ramen 1974. The restaurant, which serves you an authentic slice of this country’s abundant gastronomic delights, excels at umami-rich ramen broths, flavourful and textured Poke bowls, and plenty of small-sized bites should you be in the mood to explore. There are also great options for vegetarians and vegans. Whatever you choose, a soul satisfying meal is guaranteed.

Opening hours


11:30–15:00,  17:30–22:00
11:30–15:00,  17:30–22:00
11:30–15:00,  17:30–22:00
11:30–15:00,  17:30–22:00
11:30–15:00,  17:30–23:00

The short but rewarding menu introduces you to the different regions of Japan through ramen. There’s the world-famous tonkotsu ramen from Fukuoka, miso ramen from Hokkaido in the north, shoyu (means soya sauce in Japanese) from the Kanto region, and tantan from the Sichuan province in China where ramen was created.

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