Ruediger Glatz

The photographer´s images have an ethereal quality to them, like a moment caught in poesy.

Luisa Georgi

The travel enthusiast brings the verve and color of Venice Beach’s skateboard culture to suitcases.

Jakob Karberg

The restless Berlin native is successfully chasing a natural high.

Rory Kirk-Duncan

The art world disruptor is creating a new ecosystem with a revolutionary membership-based community.

Alexandra v. Frankenberg

The quirky creative shows us how to tell a story with colour, be it fashion, interiors, or set design.

Nico Klein-Allermann

The photographer is enabling street kids to get an education by sparking their lust for photography.

Linda Boeing

The yoga teacher dived into the world of waxed wonders to offer a truly circular scented candle.

Maximilian Pohler

The Leipzig-based photographer loves capturing fractions, which result in moments of magic.